Freelancing, a profession of the future


Nowadays, digital progress through the use of the Internet on a large scale allows for the extensive use of information, communication and computer technologies.

Today, digital progress, through the use of the Internet on a large scale, allows extensive use of information, communication and computer technologies.

Indeed, the word freelance is an anglicism which means independent worker. The freelancer has several assets including moral ethics, intellectual skills, expertise and professional talent.


Unlike employees, freelancers are not bound to an employer by a relationship of subordination, as Annaëlle, Digitale Nomade freelancer, points out. I spent 11 years in the restaurant business. I was tired of it, I wanted to travel, I wanted a job that allowed me to be flexible and to work with my computer whenever and wherever I wanted,” she says.

So thanks to freelancing it is possible to have autonomy and financial freedom. Freelancing allows you to find the right assignments; to work anywhere and anytime as long as the work is done well and delivered on time.

Today, in the face of soaring unemployment, freelancing can be a solution or even an alternative to employability and improve the professional integration of African youth.


Despite its advantages, freelancing also has its disadvantages.

A development strategy that is not mature enough or not aligned with the economic niches can lead to difficulties in finding customers and therefore difficult growth to make the business profitable.

Also a lack of planning and organisation by the freelancer in the realisation of the client project can lead to overwork or missed deadlines, ultimately giving off a negative image that is different from what the freelancer strives for on a daily basis.


Freelancers need to be open-minded and aware of opportunities. It is developing on a daily basis and needs to be humbled to hope for a better future on a daily basis. It must define a strategy both in its technical and social development in order to maximise and retain a large number of clients. “What is also at stake is that I manage to find clients because I have good visibility on social networks. I know how to manipulate social networks well enough to make myself known, to be seen and eventually to be recruited,” she adds.

On the other hand, there is also a lot of scepticism around freelancing, as isolating yourself in your room with your computer is frowned upon by some and can even be described as asocial.

It is actually a question of good will and organisation, not everyone is a freelancer, but with determination it becomes totally possible. You have to believe and work hard every day to become a good freelancer and make your business as profitable as possible. Retenez qu’ une bonne éthique morale, particulièrement le respect que vous donnez à vos clients vous ouvriront énormément de portes et vous permettront de propulser votre carrière à un niveau supérieur.

Author: Kadia Diaw